The company SCANDICSAND was founded in March 2009. The company is based on a clear vision – to offer good quality within sanding solutions for a sensible price for the wood-, metal-, plastic- and fibre glass industry.

Despite the fact that SCANDICSAND is a young company we have more than 10 years experience with producing sanding brushes and sanding cores. Our current range of sanding brushes has been on the market since 2005. These products mixed with our newly developed sanding machines provide SCANDICSAND the opportunity to become the sensible alternative to already known brands on the market.

SCANDICSAND is young company with substantial knowledge of the business we are in.

Through EasySand it all makes sense… The unique and patented solution of the EasySand product, gives companies, with a big consumption of abrasives, the opportunity only to replace the worn out part of the abrasive brush, the abrasive itself, in a very simple way. EasySand thereby offers substantial cost saving opportunities for several companies as the brush itself often last much longer than the abrasive.

SCANDICSAND will continue to offer high quality products mixed with attractive prices, therefore the company will focus on products which have already established themselves in the market and are consumed in larger quantities. 

SCANDICSAND’s head office is based in Glyngøre, Denmark and we produce all our products in Denmark, which ensure high quality and short delivery time for our customers.