The sanding cores are available in three different diameters: Ø120, Ø180 and Ø280 mm.

They are furthermore available in different lengths from 100 mm up to 365 mm. Lengths exceeding 365 mm, can be obtained by combining more sanding cores to reach the needed length.  

The sanding cores are manufactured in POM and the end flanges in Aluminium are delivered with an O-Ring which ensure a quick and simple replacement of the brushes. Shaft diameter of end flanges are: 30 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, Hexagon. 

The sanding cores can in principle be fitted on all kind of sanding machines as long as there is a shaft and a frequency controlled motor. The system needs a frequency controlled motor to obtain the best possible result as the right speed iscritical to the sanding process.